Ice Machine Safety and Maintenance Checklist

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Ice machines are an integral addition to any restaurant, bar, distributor, fishing vessel, or other business that handles food and drink that must be kept cold. Because ice machines are such a significant investment, they must remain in good working order to deliver long-lasting performance. You may need to incorporate an effective ice machine safety and maintenance routine. You can’t afford your ice machine to suddenly quit on you when you work in such a fast-paced industry.

A well-maintained ice machine for your business will not only produce clean ice but also operate more efficiently, which then saves you money on energy and water costs. If it becomes clogged or otherwise does not function properly, the machine is forced to work harder to produce ice, resulting in higher utility bills and increased strain on the system. This wear and tear can lead to costly repairs and premature replacement costs.

Ice machine safety and maintenance is of paramount importance. Be sure to schedule regular ice machine maintenance with your trusted refrigeration specialists in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In the meantime, here’s a handy maintenance checklist you can follow so you don’t miss a critical step in the timeline.

Safety checks: ice machine safety and maintenance

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Safety is at the top of the list when it comes to ensuring proper operation of your ice machine. Three main safety checks should be performed in regards to:

  •     Electrical Safety
  •     Water Safety
  •     Mechanical Safety

From checking external filter systems and changing cartridges as needed, to checking inlet water valve screens and visually inspecting components, controls, and wiring, detailed inspections of all components of your ice machine are imperative.

Ice machine cleaning, safety and maintenance

From daily cleaning to yearly maintenance, it’s important not to neglect regular checks throughout the year to ensure optimal functionality and to avoid downtime. Not only is a decrease in productivity inconvenient, it can pose a risk to the safety of the food and drink you are preserving.  

The truth is, dirty ice makers can make people sick. Patrons who fall ill after dining at a restaurant usually assume their food was bad, but in reality, dirty ice machines breed mold and bacteria and actually cause the most food-borne illnesses.

Ice that’s been handled improperly may pick up mold, viruses, and bacteria from the hands of cooks or servers that can transmit disease, just like any other food. Ice may also pick up microorganisms from the container or in the air if not properly washed and cleaned. Unfortunately, ice machines are the least frequently cleaned piece of commercial kitchen equipment. 

Throughout the year, the following should be performed by both the business owner and a refrigeration specialist in Rhode Island and Massachusetts who specializes in ice machine maintenance.

  • Daily cleaning tasks (wipe down exterior surface, check drains)
  • Weekly/monthly maintenance (clean exterior with diluted bleach to prevent mold growth)
  • Yearly maintenance (deep clean of interior, exterior, compressor, storage bin; checks of all systems and components; replace water filters twice annually)

Why worry about this timeline when you have so many other responsibilities? Take the time now to schedule professional inspection and servicing with MJ Electric and Refrigeration.

Ice machine emergencies

Even with the most diligent maintenance and cleaning schedule, things can still go wrong. Such emergency situations can arise from:

  • Power outages
  • Water leaks
  • Mechanical failures

Contact MJ Electric for emergency repairs if you run into a problem. We can have you back up and running in no time with our quick and efficient emergency repair services designed to minimize downtime. Prevention is the best way to avoid many emergency situations, which is yet another reason why regular maintenance is key to the safe and consistent operation of your unit.

Adhering to the above checklist is essential for optimal performance.

Importance of regular ice machine safety and maintenance checks

There are many benefits of preventive maintenance for commercial ice machines. Not only does it contribute greatly to the functionality of your commercial ice machine, it provides these additional benefits:

  •     Ensures Consistent Performance: Regular maintenance keeps your machine running optimally at all times so you can deliver a steady supply of ice to meet the demands of your business.
  •     Extends Lifespan: With regular upkeep, you can identify and address potential issues before they worsen and become more expensive, extending the machine’s lifespan.
  •     Saves Money: Regularly-maintained machines are less likely to break down and require expensive repairs or premature replacements.   
  •     Maximizes Efficiency and Performance: Preventive maintenance can ensure peak efficiency and lower energy usage, while extending machine longevity.
  •     Ensures Hygiene and Food Safety: Rigorous maintenance, including sanitizing, can prevent bacterial proliferation and protect consumer health.

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