What to Look For in a Commercial Heating and Cooling Company

Commercial Heating and Cooling Company.

Finding a commercial heating and cooling company you trust can seem challenging at first. After all, your HVAC system is a large investment and you don’t want to allow just anyone access to it. Sure, you could scan some local online directories for names but how do you know you’re choosing the most qualified one? Here’s what to look for in a commercial heating and cooling company in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts.

1. Robust product line

More is better in regards to commercial heating and cooling companies and the product lines they carry. The one you choose should be able to install a wide spectrum of products and equipment, based on established relationships with top manufacturers. Be wary of companies that install lesser-known equipment or only work with a few product lines. Remember: trusted products have a proven track record of performance and reliability.

Your contractor should have strong buying power to use the ideal HVAC equipment for your unique needs, with the promise of backing up their work with quality guarantees.

2. Knowledgeable sales teams

The commercial HVAC company you choose should have highly-knowledgeable, skilled sales teams comprised of technicians with experienced backgrounds that bring a unique insight into problem solving and system design. Find out who will be working on your system and what their experience and training is.

A well-trained technical team will be up-to-date with industry trends, certifications, equipment, licenses, and the latest installation methods. Make sure the contractor you hire has the depth of expertise required to properly and efficiently service your equipment.

3. IT savvy

HVAC is a highly technical field, which means the company you choose should be technologically savvy, not just in the equipment they offer but in their back-office systems too. Ask your contractor if they have an information portal you can log in to and track data. This will go far in reducing operational costs if data can be collected during equipment servicing.

4. Independent client reviews

Search for independent reviews online or via other parties, such as former clients of the company. This will serve to do one of two things: either increase your confidence by providing an honest overview of how the contractor treats its customers and handles business, or reveal serious warning flags about the integrity of the company.

5. Compliance

Any HVAC contractor you choose should hold the proper licenses, insurance and certifications. In addition, many boast industry-related awards and belong to trade industry-affiliated organizations. Being a member of industry associations often means the company is committed to upholding industry standards and ongoing training on all the latest energy initiatives, and is a strong indicator of professionalism and knowledge.

In addition, ask if they can provide references from peers and colleagues to give you a well-rounded idea of their character and capabilities.

6. Complimentary inspections

Reputable commercial HVAC companies will offer a free initial inspection for your commercial heating and cooling system. This allows them to get all the information they need about your system, how it works, how old it is, what it needs, and more. By the same token, business owners can get to know the contractor and assist them in making the best decisions.

7. Local service

It’s best to choose a local commercial heating and cooling company because they are the most familiar with the climate in your area. As such, they can better advise you on the ideal type of system for your needs and budget, as well as be able to service and maintain it properly. Local companies are also beneficial because they can be there when you need them, saving you time and hassle. As you know, a broken HVAC system can sideline your productivity and your bottom line. Prompt service is critical in a commercial setting.

8. Financing and maintenance

Your commercial HVAC system is a sizable investment. So whether you need an emergency repair or a planned replacement, financing often helps lessen the burden on business owners. Many commercial HVAC companies offer convenient financing to cover the high costs of repair and replacement. In addition, HVAC companies like MJ Electric can help you avoid the unexpected costs of emergencies by offering scheduled maintenance plans throughout the year.   

9. Specialization in commercial heating and cooling

A marker of quality and competence, specialization can ensure reliability and knowledge in a particular area. For example, a contractor that specializes in a particular type of HVAC system (i.e., gas-powered heaters) is likely to be incredibly focused, dependable, and knowledgeable in that field. Hiring with confidence gives any business owner peace of mind.

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