mini splits for cooling.

No Ducts, No Problem: Mini Splits For Cooling

Whether your older house lacks the ductwork for traditional cooling systems or you just like the convenience of creating different cooling zones in your home, you may want to consider installing mini splits for your air conditioning needs. Mini-split…
Commercial cooling system on a rooftop.

Preparing Your Commercial Cooling System For New England Summer

Your commercial cooling system has a big job to do in order to handle the hot and humid temperatures of New England weather. The time to inspect your commercial HVAC system is not in July when the dog days of summer have descended. Rather, now…
Technician inspecting an HVAC system.

Benefits of Regular Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

As a Rhode Island or MA business owner, you may not think too much about your heating and cooling system maintenance or HVAC system maintenance. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, that is, until your heater decides to stop working in winter…
Industrial HVAC

7 Common Industrial HVAC Repairs You May Need if You Don’t Maintain Your System

Regular industrial HVAC repairs form the foundation of a healthy heating and cooling system. While it can be easy to put these tasks on the back burner, neglecting system maintenance can result in a whole host of problems down the line, from…
Benefits of Mini Split Heat Pumps During the Winter

Benefits of Ductless Mini Split + Heat Pump Installations for cold Rhode Island and Massachusetts Winters

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From energy efficiency to better air quality, many benefits come with ductless mini splits and heat pump installations in extreme hot and cold temperatures in Rhode Island and Massachusett.  Mini-split system Installations, also known as ductless…